Fire causes 3 months of delay


    Construction on the TCU Bookstore, which was supposed to be completed by August, will be pushed back at least three months because of the fire, said the associate director of major projects.Even if the rest of the building can be used, the bookstore’s intended design will have to be redone because the roof is destroyed, said Harold Leeman, associate director of major projects.

    Leeman said after insurance companies finish evaluating the existing structure, the cost of the damage can be determined, and a structural analysis will be conducted by an engineering firm to determine if the building can be salvaged.

    “Either way, we are going back to the drawing board on the design,” Leeman said.

    Wayne Mar, bookstore operations manager, said the delay will affect textbook sales for the fall. Additional trailers will be added so that there will be room for textbooks in the bookstore’s temporary location, Mar said.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini said the cost of the construction will be more than originally estimated because the whole project will basically begin from scratch.

    “If this is the worst thing that happens this year, we are lucky,” Boschini said in reference to the fire. “No students, staff or faculty were injured.