Halperin concert shows gratitude for Fort Worth fan base


    So many celebrities and musicians follow fame and seem to forget who and what made them famous.

    That doesn’t seem to be the case with Tim Halperin, who is offering a free concert in Fort Worth to thank the fans who supported his “American Idol” run.

    Halperin’s time on “American Idol” gave him great publicity, and he’s smart to capitalize on that with a tour. Halperin gave a lot of time and effort to Frogs for the Cure, and his tour is the next natural step in his musical career.

    Halperin’s free concert is a great way to show he appreciates the Fort Worth fan base that has supported him in his musical endeavors. It’s a smart business move, too, because it ensures a loyal fan base as he moves on to nationwide gigs. But more than that, it shows a true appreciation for the people, university and city that supported him.

    It also speaks volumes about that same community, a group of people that is willing to encourage its fellow Horned Frogs. Life beyond graduation can sometimes seem like a lonely one, but Halperin and his followers indicate that the TCU name and community continues even after crossing the stage.

    Editor-in-chief Libby Davis for the editorial board.