iProf – Four score and more


    Dr. Steven Woodworth is passionate about
    history. He teaches it at TCU, writes about it
    in published articles and books, talks about it
    with friends and family … and listens to it on
    his iPod.
    Q: How would you describe your musical
    A: “Somewhat eclectic. I like anything from
    bagpipes to sacred harp shape note singing.
    I also enjoy more formal choral music, some
    band music and even some easy listening from
    the 70s.’
    Q: Have you always been a fan of bagpipes?
    A: “There are some times when you’re just in
    the mood for bagpipes. It’s usually when I need
    to get pumped up for something.”
    Q: If you could play any instrument in any band,
    what would it be?
    A: “I would play the sousaphone in the Ohio
    State marching band. In one of their songs, the
    band writes the word “Ohio’ as they walk out on
    the field. At the end, the sousaphone player struts
    out and dots the “i.’ I’d like to be that guy.”
    Q: Where does your musical influence come
    A: “My parents, mostly. I was raised in a very
    conservative home and was taught to love choral
    music and hymns. My dad was a broadlyeducated
    man with a broad taste in music,
    from classical to bagpipes. I guess it rubbed off
    on me.”
    Dances from Terpsichore Sinners and
    “That’s medieval music.
    It has a different
    sound than most classical
    music. It’s more
    raw and vibrant. It’s
    vigorous. I love the
    Beach Springs Soundtrack to Ken Burns’
    Lewis & Clark: The
    Journey of the Corps
    of Discovery
    “This is my favorite
    cut from this album.
    It really gets across
    the message of Lewis
    and Clark’s marching on. It’s a calm, but determined,
    moving on. I listen to this when I’m
    writing and trying to press on in my work.”
    The Great Escape The Longest Day
    “The Great Escape is a
    movie about American
    POWs escaping during
    World War II. It’s
    a very stirring, rousing
    song that I also listen
    to when I’m writing to
    get inspiration. It’s history.”
    Auld Lang Syne Dark Island
    “This is a bagpipe
    medley done by the
    Black Watch. They are
    a famous regiment
    in the British Army. I
    listen to this when I
    need to get fired up
    and motivated.”
    In Sweetest Union Join Saints Bound
    for Heaven
    “This is shape note
    music. It’s also called
    sacred harp music
    after a hymnal book
    referring to the human
    voice as a sacred harp.
    Shape note singers are not performers. They’re
    singing for themselves and God. I love choral,
    hymnal music.”
    Ohio State fight song album drum cadences
    “I root for Ohio State
    like I root for the Chicago
    Bears. I’m not a
    fan of Ohio State as a
    university, but I like the
    football team and the
    band. I listen to the band’s music when I’m
    writing and when I need to get pumped up.”