Leaders say campuswide student life calendar necessary


    Faculty members of Student Development Services will meet Tuesday to decide how to put out a campuswide calendar that includes activities for more than 30 organizations on their Web site, the chairwoman of the Leadership Council said.Laura Rizzuto, chairwoman of the Leadership Council, organized a meeting of leaders from more than 30 student organizations Jan. 22 in order to develop the calendar. The collaboration in creating the calendar is a small step in unifying organizations across campus, Rizzuto said.

    “Our campus is really divided at times,” Rizzuto said. “Leadership Council saw this meeting as a way to unify many of the student leaders on campus.”

    Rizzuto, a senior finance and accounting major, said she is working with SDS to make the online calendar available to students within the next two weeks.

    Thomas Pressly, vice president of the Student Government Association, said SGA has unsuccessfully tried a similar calendar in the past.

    “A lot of the time, organizations wouldn’t send in updated information,” said Pressly, a sophomore history major. “Without current information, it’s useless to students.”

    Rizzuto said she intends for organizations to send their information to a SDS faculty member who will update the calendar at least once a month. Faculty members will discuss who will update the calendar and how in the meeting Tuesday.

    Once the calendar is up on the SDS Web site, students will be able to view student organization activities for the spring semester.

    Greg Trevino, director of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services, said although many organizations have individual calendars, the school needs one all-encompassing calendar for students.

    “Many organizations have understood for a long time that there needs to be a campuswide calendar,” Trevino said. “Right now, we’re just trying to work out the kinks for getting it to students.”

    Rizzuto said she hopes to see all campus organizations working together in the future.

    “These leaders really feel passionate about bringing all the organizations together,” Rizzuto said. “This is just one small step in unifying the campus.