Letter to the editor: Brite alumna disappointed in school for pastor’s recognition

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    I attended Brite during the years 1967-69, then the School of Theology at Claremont for four years.

    I have removed Brite from my resume. I am ashamed to hear the national report that Brite is honoring Jeremiah Wright.

    Let’s use some of Wright’s words: “No. No. No. Not God bless Brite Divinity School. God #$@%$# Brite Divinity School. It’s in the Bible for honoring hatred and bigotry.”

    My generation studied Gandhi. We marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez. We fought a good fight against racism.

    In the writings of a Native American psychiatrist, years ago I found these words, “Teaching hatred and bigotry creates another generation of wounded children.”

    Brite has crossed over into the land of the far, far left. I am deeply saddened and ashamed.

    Shelby Dawson Tallchief is an alumna of the Brite Divinity School.


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