Limited quantity of vaccine available


    The shipment of flu vaccines was delivered to the TCU Health Center on Wednesday, but the amount received was less than what was ordered, a health center official said. Marilyn Hallam, assistant to the director of health services, said the shipment was due last week. Hallam said she ordered 400 flu shots but knew to expect between 50 and 200 flu shots because, in the past, the entire order was not always delivered.

    The Health Center has traditionally ordered only 400 shots because many students do not express a need to have the flu shot, Hallam said.

    She said she orders more than she anticipates needing because the Health Center does not always receive the full order.

    The Health Center received 150 of the 400 vaccines ordered because the manufacturing companies did not start production early enough, Hallam said.

    Hallam said she will suggest students go to the public health department when the Health Center runs out of flu shots.

    Since the Fort Worth Public Health Department is a Medicare provider, it is eligible to receive a large number of flu vaccines unlike the Health Center, Hallam said.

    “We do the best we can,” Hallam said.

    Vanassa Joseph, public information officer for Tarrant County Public Health, said the department ordered approximately 16,000 flu vaccines and has received the entire order.

    There are 3,000 flu shots currently available to the public, though it is not peak flu season and there has not yet been any flu activity, Joseph said.

    Unlike last year, the health department has received everything it asked for, Joseph said.

    “Right now, we are doing just fine,” Joseph said.

    For students who are interested in getting a flu shot, Joseph said they can go to any one of the five Fort Worth area public health centers. The shots are $20 a person and are first-come, first-served.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini said he does not normally get a flu shot and does not intend to get a flu shot this year.

    Boschini said he thinks he has built up a natural immunity from working at schools for many years.

    Though Boschini said he does not plan on getting a shot, other faculty and administrators do discuss getting a flu shot.

    “I do hear others talk about it,” Boschini said. “And it seems to me that most folks get one.”

    Jackie Schultz, a sophomore accounting and finance major, said she does not plan to get a flu shot this year because she has never had the flu.

    “I might as well leave (the shot) for someone who does have a tendency to get the flu,” Schultz said.

    Schultz said she got a flu shot two years ago because her parents made her, but she said she didn’t notice a difference in her immunity to the flu.