“Maze” comes to TCU


    The illusion show “Maze,” which is sponsored by TCU Campus Crusade for Christ, will make a stop at TCU tonight to both entertain and enlighten students.

    Days after the start of a new semester, students can come to the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom and enjoy the illusion show for free.

    “Maze” promised a lot more than just the expected sleight of hand and card tricks.

    According to the show’s official website, the show is “designed to evoke emotion, provoke dialogue regarding what you believe to be true, and to expose the rampant deception that exists in your present day culture.”

    According to its website, TCU CRU is “a movement of students on thousands of university campuses around the world who are seeking God.”

    Junior sports broadcasting major Brett Musslewhite, also a member of TCU CRU, said he helped bring “Maze” to campus.

    “It’s more than an illusion show; it’s something to make you question reality,” Musslewhite said. “We really want anyone even remotely interested to come. No one should shy away.”

    “Maze” traveled to campuses all over the country, Musslewhite said.

    “They go everywhere nationally; they have actually come to [TCU’s] campus before. I wasn’t here, but I believe the turn out was great last time,” Musslewhite said.

    TCU CRU will be selling T-shirts for the event outside Market Square from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today. The shirts are $2 and are selling fast, Musslewhite said.

    Junior strategic communication major Elizabeth Azide, who is involved with promotions for TCU CRU, said the show will be entertaining for everyone.

    “”The Maze’ is a really compelling way to get our message across,” she said.

    The event might also bring new members to TCU CRU, which meets every week on Thursdays, Azide said.

    “There are really no rigid rules,” Azide said. “We have somewhere between 75 and 100 people at meetings every week. Everything is really easygoing,” she said.

    Event details:

    When: 8 p.m. Thursday in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom

    For more info, check out “Maze”:

    -On Twitter: @whatisthemaze

    -“Maze” website: whatisthemaze.com

    -TCU CRU website: tcucru.com