Moudy displays seniors’ masterpieces


    This week, the Moudy Gallery of the TCU Art Galleries will showcase up to 40 pieces of original artwork created by 10 graduating seniors from the TCU Department of Art, Curator of the Moudy Gallery Christina Rees said.

    The show, entitled “State of Mind,” will provide graduating seniors a platform to show the best work they produced at the university, she said.

    Rees, who teaches the senior exhibition class, said she worked with the students and instructors to choose which pieces each student would show. The show will feature painting, photography, sculpture and printmaking pieces.

    The seniors who worked together during the senior exhibition class that all senior art majors take came up with the name of the gallery, she said.

    “I think that [the students] wanted a clean, simple title that was general enough to encompass all their work,” Rees said. “And right now, what connects them all is that they’re all thinking about what they’re going to do after graduation; that is their state of mind.”

    Senior studio art major Kimberly Jones said they chose the name because they thought it unified the seniors.

    “We decided on ‘State of Mind’ because we’re all graduating, and we’re about to go out into the world and be artists, and you have to have the right mindset for that,” she said. “So we’re making a statement at our senior show.”

    Not only will students have the chance to display their strongest artwork, but it also will help them prepare for their futures as professional artists, Rees said.

    “[The goal] is also to teach them how to put on a good, professional looking show and to have a fun and well-attended opening…also, they have to learn about artist statements, postcards, mailing lists, press releases — and they have to continue to learn how to install their own work,” she said.

    After graduating, senior studio art major Sarah Hopkins said she planned to pursue a career as a professional artist.

    “We’re all seniors, so the show will be our last chance to have the guidance of our instructors before trying to make it on our own,” she said.

    Hopkins said she would display some of her most recent paintings at the senior show. Other artists are Kelsey Glaser, Clint Johnson, Jones, Katie Kretchmar, Amanda McCollum, Jay Smith, Laura Willig, Melissa Smith and Kirsten Laurie.

    “Every individual student brings something new to the show, and it definitely reflects their individual personalities, and every show is different because it’s the way they all sort of come together to create a cohesive whole,” Rees said.

    Jones said the show would be a fun and useful experience for the seniors. After graduating, Jones said she planned to build up her résumé working as an artist before applying to graduate school.

    “Graduate schools for art look for people that have a little bit more experience out in the world,” she said. “It’s kind of rare that they take someone right out of [undergraduate studies].”

    Rees said the senior art show will be a résumé builder and will help the students prepare for future art exhibits they will have.

    “I think [the show is] really important [and] gets you set for doing your own shows in the future after you graduate,” she said. “Whether you go to grad school or decide to become a working artist, you’re going have to learn how to put on a show, and all that goes along with it.”