NCAA – Professor joins committee


    A TCU associate professor is now a member of an NCAA committee responsible for ruling on the eligibility of athletes.Rhonda Hatcher, an associate professor of mathematics, has been named a member of the NCAA Division I Initial-Eligibility Waivers Committee.

    Hatcher said the committee looks at athletes coming out of high school and determines if they meet a wide range of NCAA requirements for competing in college.

    Hatcher said she had to first want to serve on the committee and then apply for the committee.

    Mountain West Conference officials then consider the applicants and nominate some to fill vacancies on the committee, Hatcher said.

    Hatcher said this year, there were two vacancies, and the final selection was made by the Academics/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet.

    Once appointed to the committee, appointees are notified by the committee administration staff, according to

    Hatcher said she was notified and accepted the appointment through e-mail.

    Carolayne Henry, the MWC associate commissioner of compliance, said the MWC typically solicited people who are interested in serving on an NCAA committee.

    “Depending on the committee, we look at different things,” Henry said. “For the Initial-Eligibility Waivers Committee, we look for someone with an academic background and how long they have been involved.”

    Hatcher has been a professor at TCU for 15 years. She has served on the Academics/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet before and has also been part of Academic Consultants for the NCAA.

    “The Academic Consultants are the committee that arrived at the new initial and continuing academic eligibility rules for student-athletes,” Hatcher said.

    Henry said the fact that Hatcher was a professor helped her receive a nomination.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini said Hatcher’s knowledge of sports, especially of NCAA legislation, will serve both her and TCU well in her new endeavor.

    “I think that Dr. Hatcher is one of the very best and brightest people we have at TCU – and I would favor her involvement in any area she has an interest.”

    TCU athletics director Danny Morrison said he agrees with Boschini.

    “It is great to have Dr. Hatcher on the committee,” Morrison said. “She will bring a terrific perspective and will add much to the committee’s work.”

    Hatcher said it was important for her to serve on a committee.

    “It is good for the reputation of TCU,” Hatcher said.