New manager to take ‘The Choice’ in different direction


    As Bob Dylan would say, “The times, they are a-changin'” for KTCU, a new station manager has signed on. Russell Scott, a 23-year veteran of commercial radio, began his work as station manager at KTCU 88.7 FM “The Choice” in mid-June.

    Richard Allen, chairman of the radio-TV-film department, said Scott was the first person who came to mind when he was considering who the most qualified person for the position would be.

    “He has the combination of the right attitude and the right experience,” Allen said.

    Not only has the station manager changed, but some of KTCU’s priorities have changed as well, Scott said.

    Changes at the station will focus on giving back to students and the community, Scott said. The KTCU staff will be interacting more with students by going out on campus and talking with them on the air about everything from the war in Iraq to their favorite Christmas memories, he said.

    In addition to working with students and listeners, Scott said he wants to serve the TCU community.

    “(I want) to challenge the students to let (listeners) know if you are doing something on campus,” Scott said.

    By teaming up with on-campus groups, such as fraternities and sororities, Scott said he wants KTCU to be the voice behind the philanthropic events on campus. Scott added that the station will be able to let people know about upcoming events, including community service opportunities and social events such as concerts and public speakers, on and around campus.

    The music selection will remain the same throughout the first semester, however, Scott said specialty programs, such as Celtic music, Texas music and an evening sports talk show, will be added later this year.

    Aside from the changes taking place at KTCU, Scott said his number one priority is still teaching.

    “I want to teach (students) how a station operates behind the dial,” Scott said. “We have talented, talented students here, and I am open to their passions.”

    KTCU Production Manager Jeff Yale, a junior history major, said he is used to seeing Scott from his work with TCU-ESPN Regional Sports Network.

    Yale said he believes the changes being made by Scott are beneficial because it will broaden the listeners. Yale added that Scott is also making sure the station remains student-managed.

    During his time in commercial radio, Scott’s work included acting as studio host for ESPN 103.3 FM for the Dallas Mavericks. Scott said he has decided to follow in his family’s footsteps and venture into the world of academia.

    Scott said he sees his job as station manager as a chance to not only teach and give students the opportunity to make KTCU their own, but also as a privilege to himself.

    “We’ve been entrusted with public airwaves,” Scott said. “Let’s find a way to give something back.