New staff hired for student publications announced


    The student publications committee selected the fall 2010 Daily Skiff editor-in-chief, advertising manager, TCU News Now news director and Image editor-in-chief Friday.

    Junior Libby Davis, the newly chosen fall 2010 Skiff editor-in-chief, said she has several goals to improve the Daily Skiff, such as incorporating more student and faculty opinion into the paper.

    The selection committee is made up of journalism faculty, non-journalism faculty, and journalism and non-journalism students, said Davis, a news-editorial journalism and history major.

    Davis currently serves as a news editor for the Daily Skiff and has worked at the Daily Skiff since she was a freshman. She said her time as news editor has helped her understand the time commitment that comes with being editor-in-chief, Davis said.

    “I feel like I have enough of a grip on both news judgement and AP style to present a clean paper.with minimal errors,” Davis said.

    Katie Martinez, a junior news-editorial journalism major, was selected to be the editor-in-chief of Image magazine.

    Martinez said she wants to expand the magazine’s presence outside of the Schieffer School. She said she wants to encourage participation from other colleges on campus who have expertise in other areas, such as fashion merchandising and criminal justice.

    “They have a lot to contribute to the magazine, and we really haven’t been tapping into that,” Martinez said.

    Martinez said she also hopes to get the Image Web site back up and running. Martinez described the former Web site as being in a “state of disappearance.”

    Courtney Kimbrough, a junior strategic communication major, will return as advertising manager for a second semester. Kimbrough said her list of goals was endless.

    Kimbrough said she wanted to continue her position because of the real world experience and leadership strength she has gained. She said next semester she wants to work on motivating her staff more.

    “I want to implement friendly competitive spirit in the office,” Kimbrough said.

    Justin White, a senior broadcast journalism major, said he will have big shoes to fill as the fall 2010 News Now news director. White has been working with TCU News Now since August 2009.

    “I’m really hoping to put together a strong newscast,” White said. “One of my goals is to create a sports director position.”

    White said the sports director position would be important because of all the national attention the university’s football team has been getting. He said he hopes the sports director would be able to travel to away games to represent TCU News Now.