Recipe Review: Cure those mid-semester blues with hot-weather, Spanish drink recipe


    Even if cool Texas weather hasn’t arrived yet, Fall Break has, and students are looking forward to two additional days of doing absolutely nothing. But before you turn on, tune in and drop out, consider taking 20 minutes to make a lovely libation just right for the 95-degree afternoons that summer hasn’t quite given up on.Sangria, a mix of fruit, wine and an added kick of booze, is a painless cocktail for a lazy day.

    Start at your local grocery store by selecting two of the fattest lemons you can find along with three green apples and three oranges — and check for freshness.

    Move a few aisles over to the wine and beer section. Look down to the bottom shelf and find the cheapest bottle of red wine available. If you think you found it, check the price per ounce just to be sure and grab two bottles. Found it? Grab a pack of beer while you’re at it.

    After you’ve checked out, proceed to the nearest liquor store and pick up a small bottle of gin – any brand will do.

    Congratulations. You have all the ingredients necessary to make Sangria, and you spent less than $20.

    Unless you’re drinking a martini, no drink should be dirty; rinse the fruit off in the sink, thinly slice the apples, oranges and lemons and place them into a large pitcher. Make sure to mix the fruit so all pieces are separated. Pour both bottles of cheap red wine over the fruit while stirring with a spatula so the wine reaches all slices evenly. To give our Sangria a little extra kick, crack open that gin and pour a few ounces into the ingredients. Don’t be afraid to put an extra splash in there, it’s Fall Break!

    Give one last stir to the mixture, cover the pitcher with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator.

    If you start drinking it now, it will taste exactly like cheap wine with fruit and a nasty kick of gin, so let it sit in the fridge for no less than 24 hours. The hardest part about this recipe is waiting, but that’s why we got the six pack of beer.

    The day of waiting allows the wine and fruit juices to get to know one another before finally joining hands in holy matrimony. As the song goes, two have become one.

    Once the honeymoon is over, taste our masterpiece and add sugar if needed. It tastes a little better when you know you don’t have class, doesn’t it?

    Grab a lawn chair, a portable radio, one glass and enjoy.