Reduced bus hours come into effect


    Riding the bus would be more convenient if The T would run every 30 minutes during busier hours, or if it would run at different times, said TCU Systems Librarian Walter Betts, who commutes to work every day.

    However, bus hours were changed due to a $2.1 million decrease in sales tax revenues, which helped fund The T, according to its website. The changes will save over $700,000 annually.

    The T is Fort Worth’s bus service which currently has 42 routes around the city, according to its website. Route 7 of The T runs along University Drive and stops on campus at the intersection of University Drive and Berry Street.

    The T changed hours of operation last semester for nine bus routes, including cutting stops in half for the Route 7 bus that services University Drive, according to the website. Instead of running every half-hour, the bus stops at the university every hour between 6:38 a.m. and 7:38 p.m.

    Joan Hunter, communications manager for The T, said route 7 was reduced to hourly service because it had the lowest ridership of all the buses that had an every 30 minutes service,

    Betts, who commutes from Irving, said because of the changes to Route 7, he would have to get up earlier and arrive to work much later in order to ride the bus to campus.

    The earliest time the bus arrives on campus is 6:38 a.m., according to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority website.

    Betts said he intended to ride the bus more often, but only rode twice because of the schedule change that went into effect May 30.

    Betts said that even though his car gets pretty good gas mileage, it would be much more convenient if he was able to ride The T.

    Hunter said The T would reevaluate the service frequency if ridership of the Route 7 bus increased significantly.

    Students and faculty can still ride The T for free by presenting a bus pass and TCU ID card, according to the university’s student handbook.