SGA and TCU should ensure money for mascot is well spent


    The university is getting two real, live horned frogs to have on campus. SGA has allotted $20,000 to bring these two little lizards to campus. Also, as part of the agreement with Texas Parks an Wildlife, TCU has to offer education opportunities related to the horned frogs.

    So the university finally has their mascot on campus and can join other universities with mascots such as LSU with its tiger, Baylor with its bear and Georgia with its bulldog, and it’s about time. Students and fans can see what animal their beloved SuperFrog is based on and have a great learning opportunity.

    But SGA and the university should take precautions to ensure that students use this opportunity and that it is money well spent. University students aren’t exactly know for their overwhelming attendance to school sponsored events. The student tailgates have been canceled due to lack of attendance and past speakers at the university have been met with few students in the audience. Let’s just hope the horned frogs do not suffer the same fate.

    So long as students recognize this great opportunity that is being provided to them, these new little horned frogs will be a great addition to the TCU family.

    Multimedia editor Matt Coffelt for the editorial board.