SGA to fund development of disc golf course


    The Student Government Association passed a bill to allocate funding for the creation of a disc golf course at TCU, along with two other bills and one resolution at its weekly meeting Tuesday evening.Jordan Haygood, a representative from the College of Communications, proposed the bill and said the disc golf course, which will be located in the Worth Hills area, would be a good way for students to spend more time outside.

    “The creation of a disc golf course on campus will allow students to get exercise outdoors,” Haygood said. “Students currently are limited to outdoor activities on campus.”

    Haygood said because of his work with the University Recreation Center, SGA would only have to post $5,000 of the $7,000 to $8,000 proposed cost.

    “If we put at least $5,000 in, they would find some where to have $2,000 put on,” Haygood said. “That covers all the holes, all the tees and all the discs. They will also be selling the discs at the Rec Center or you can rent them out.”

    Haygood said they will get a designer to come to campus and design the nine-hole course.

    SGA also passed a bill to create a House of Representatives Outstanding Leadership Scholarship.

    The purpose of the bill is to reward hard work in SGA and to help with retention, said Glenton Richards, a representative from the College of Communications.

    “Awarding scholarships can facilitate higher involvement in the university,” Richards said.

    These $200 scholarships would go to three non-paid members of the House of Representatives, Richards said. The recipients of the scholarships would be voted on by members of the executive board. SGA will begin awarding the scholarship next semester.

    While the source of the funding for the scholarships is still undetermined, it could possibly come from sponsorship, said finance committee chairman Jonathan Leer.

    SGA also passed a bill to clarify the procedure for the election of the House Executive Board.

    The bill will not allow elections for the House Executive Board to feature nominations from the floor if there are two or more candidates for a position, said Parliamentarian Mark Tschirhart.

    “In the past, we haven’t really had any guidelines for nominations from the floor,” Tschirhart said. “We will still allow nominations if there is only one person or no one running for a position.”

    Tschirhart said this will give voters a chance to hear more than one viewpoint on issues.

    A resolution supporting expansions in service learning was presented by Justin Brown, student relations chairman.

    “Service learning provides unique out of classroom experiences similar to that of internships,” Brown said. “It can increase faculty-student contact in more abstract and personal situations outside the classroom.