SGA votes to continue plus/minus discussion


    The Student Government Association voted Tuesday night to further discuss a resolution supporting the plus/minus grading system next week.At Tuesday’s meeting, Jason Ratigan, a senior history major, presented the proposal to SGA.

    “It would be great if students saw this in terms of the principle,” Ratigan said. “It’s for better representing your grade and being accountable for your performance in the classroom.”

    During his presentation, Ratigan said 100 of the top 120 schools in the nation use the plus/minus system, and this proposal could “start the ball rolling” in an effort to get TCU among those ranks.

    The plus/minus system will make it harder to receive a 4.0 by only allowing grades of 94 and above to earn an A. The scores 90-93 will give students an A-, which is worth a 3.67.

    “People should almost never get a 4.0, unless they are exceptional students,” Ratigan said. “We’re not giving them away like candy, but we are giving them away to students who aren’t actually perfect students.”

    After being discussed by the Academic Affairs committee, the issue will be brought up again at next week’s meeting, said Tori Hutchens, speaker of the house.

    Additionally, SGA unanimously passed a resolution to support the reopening of the student seating section behind the visiting team at home football games.

    SGA will support the reopening of the lower student seating section next to the TCU band at all home football games and requests that the administration notify students of seating plan changes.