Skiff article lacks professionalism, professor says


    The article, “University work practices unethical, scientist says” (8/23) is an example of unethical journalism. This is the most serious sort of professional accusation, yet it was reported without any information about the credentials of the accuser. I don’t know the facts of the case, and I will not make a prima facie judgment about who is in the right. I do know, however, how to check on the credentials of the TCU faculty teaching in an accredited program. The accuser was described as “a scientist working on a meteorite identification program.” What sort of degree does this scientist have, and from where? What “program” is he working on? Why is there no outside information on why the lawsuit was dismissed? Science is not a matter of “he said/she said,” nor should journalism be. Where is the Skiff’s background checking? Where is your critical thinking? Reporting like this is the stuff of urban legend.Claudia Camp

    Professor of Religion