State recognizing accounting students for exam success


    The School of Business has another ranking to add to its already growing list of accomplishments.The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy has deemed TCU master of accounting students the best in Texas.

    Barry Bryan, director of the master of accounting program, said the ranking comes from the scores of students who took the certified public accountant exam.

    According to, a career information Web site, CPA accreditation is important to public accounting firms because without the certification, firms may assume a candidate has a lack of commitment to the job and could possibly leave the profession altogether.

    Bryan said TCU had the greatest percentage of students to pass all four sections of the exam on first attempt.

    “This ranking is based on schools that had more than only a few candidates taking the exam,” Bryan said. “For example, a school may have had only one candidate take the exam who passed all four parts. This would not be an adequate comparison for schools with many candidates taking the exam.”

    The four sections of the exam are auditing and attestation, business environment and concepts, financial accounting and reporting, and regulation.

    Bryan said TCU’s rank doesn’t add pressure to the faculty because no matter how much time he and his colleagues spend preparing students, it is ultimately up to them to perform well on the test.

    Betsy Cunningham, a master of accounting student, said TCU’s being ranked No. 1 will not add to the pressure when she takes the exam after graduation.

    “I only want to do my best and hopefully pass the first time,” Cunningham said. “I think the fact that TCU is ranked first in the state gives me confidence that I am well prepared by my professors and the accounting program, and that with proper review and preparation, I will do well.”

    Although her review courses do not start for a couple more weeks, Cunningham said, Bryan has encouraged students to start studying now.

    Mike Fabiano, a master of accounting student, said he plans to take the exam before he begins work in September but has not started the bulk of studying yet.

    “I have been tutoring financial accounting, on all levels, for a year now, so I feel pretty comfortable with that section of the exam,” Fabiano said.

    Shanda Misak, a master of accounting student, said that although her classes have begun to help her get ready for the test, she has also started receiving additional tutoring.

    “I am currently taking the Becker Review course on Saturdays,” Misak said. “It is great at pulling all of the information together and giving us an efficient way to study.”

    Although Bryan said he is pleased with the ranking, the master of accounting program was never intended to serve as a review for the test.

    “We focus on developing students for a career in public practice or industry,” Bryan said.