Student compositions performed at Steinway Hall


    Several TCU students’ music compositions were chosen by the Fort Worth Contemporary Music Fund and performed at Steinway Hall during the nonprofit performing arts organization’s first “Call For Scores” concert.

    According to a press release issued by the FWCMF, the concert was a part of the Steinway Chamber Music Concert Series and was held March 18 at Steinway Hall in Fort Worth. TCU pianist Eduardo Rojas, a piano performance graduate student, and Katharine Steffens, a voice performance graduate student, were scheduled to perform the chosen composed music.

    President and founder of the Fort Worth Contemporary Music Fund Edward Brown said all of the composers chosen were TCU students except for 11-year-old Isaac Foreman. The chosen composers include Aaron Kline, Matt Moore, Elizabeth Olson, Garrett Wingfield and Scott Adams.

    FWCMF advertised an open invitation for any composers to turn in their music with the understanding that those who were chosen would have their music performed for the public. Brown said that although the organization was centered around TCU, he hoped that more local universities will participate in next year’s concert.

    He also said there was no prize for those chosen, but the composers benefitted from the enjoyment of having their music played for the public.

    “Really our idea is to connect the public with these composers, and it’s a continuing process,” Brown said.

    Wingfield, a freshman music composition major, said he has been composing music since his junior year in high school.

    “I feel like I’ve gotten monumentally better since I’ve gotten here because I never actually had any formal training until I got here,” he said.

    His love for composing started when his parents bought him music composing software and when he created his first piece of music, he said.

    “The Last Shining Star” was Wingfield’s chosen music, and he said it was based on a poem written by his friend.

    “I was really nervous,” Wingfield said. “We had a dress rehearsal an hour before, and the pianist had issues with a couple of things, but he turned it on during the concert.”

    Wingfield will have another piece of music that will be performed at the TCU Jazz Festival and said he would like to participate in the Steinway Chamber Music Concert Series next year.

    Moore, a first-year graduate student, said he was thrilled to be a part of the concert.

    “I felt privileged to be a part of this new organization,” Moore said. “I’m proud to be able to be a part of the beginning.”

    Moore said he has been composing music since he was a child. It was the first time Moore’s music has been performed out of school, and he said he thought the concert was very good and very enjoyable for all ages.

    Olson, a first-year music theory and composition graduate student, said she was really excited about having her work performed outside of a school event.

    “It was a lot of fun. The performers did a great job,” Olson said. “The last time that piece was performed, I sang it, so it was fun to hear someone sing it. It was fun to sit in the audience and listen.”

    Olson, who is also a board member of the Fort Worth Contemporary Music Fund, said she has been composing music since she was 11 years old after her dad downloaded a composing program which further sparked her interest.