Survey: Students against plus/minus


    Student Government Association celebrated its 93rd anniversary Tuesday evening with a discussion about the plus/minus grading system and the introduction of two bills, which will be addressed at next week’s meeting.Although there was a discrepancy in numbers from SGA members, it was reported that as much as 87 percent of students who took the online poll said they disagreed with the proposed plus/minus system.

    Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, will meet with SGA members Friday to discuss the results of the online poll. Members scheduled to meet with Donovan are Jace Thompson, Campus Advancement chair, Amanda Edmiston, Academic Affairs chair, and Justin Brown, Student Relations chair.

    “We are going to present the survey to him and see what he thinks,” said Thompson.

    Detailed results from the survey will be discussed at next week’s SGA meeting after discussing the survey with Donovan, Brown said.

    A report from the Student Relations Committee said about 80 percent of students voted against the plus/minus system.

    Jonathan Leer, Finance Committee chair, said the result was 87 percent against the plus/minus system.

    SGA members said these numbers are estimates and official results will be released in full detail next week.

    A resolution to support the plus/minus grading system was brought up by Jason Ratigan, a senior representative.

    Leer, a senior accounting major, said the resolution will also be discussed again next week.

    After the discussion about the plus/minus system, a bill was assigned to to the Recruitment and Retention Committee for research and discussion.

    “Some schools bring more people to House (meetings) than others. We have a big retention and recruitment problem because people don’t apply to be representatives,” said Lindsay Beattie, a senior English major. “As we get more people to actually become representatives, we will have caucuses that are going to meet representatives from each constituency.