TABC meeting draws a small crowd


    If college students and Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission investigators have a mutual disdain for each other, it’s because they only meet when their two worlds collide, a TABC agent told faculty and students Tuesday.TABC Agent David Welsh said he had hoped to clear the rift between students and TABC at a campus crime prevention event in the Student Center sponsored by TCU Police. But there were only nine people at the gathering.

    In a thick Southern accent, with no cowboy hat but a badge and gun in tow, Welsh told the group what TABC is, why it exists, the laws it enforces and why he thinks there’s bad blood between students and TABC agents.

    “The student body sees us as a bunch of ogres, and we see students as a bunch of spoiled brats,” Welsh said. “That’s because the only interaction we have with students is writing them tickets.”

    The event was advertised in a campuswide e-mail sent by Pam Christian, TCU crime prevention officer, who said she brings someone in to talk biannually.

    “Once a semester, I have a speaker come as part of our crime watch,” Christian said. “I also had TABC come out at the beginning of the year to talk to fraternities and sororities.”

    Welsh said he would’ve liked to have seen more students in attendance and asking questions. He even included a cartoon of Santa Claus being arrested for possession of illegal drugs in his sleigh to lighten the mood.

    “(The Santa clip) would’ve been a lot more funny if more people were here,” Welsh said.