TCU should consider reviving varsity men’s soccer program


    For two and a half years, the only men’s soccer TCU has seen has been through pick-up games, clubs or intramurals.It’s time for this to change.

    Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. Since its inception in 1996, Major League Soccer has grown to include 12 teams in two conferences. In August, the Metroplex’s own FC Dallas changed venues to a brand-new stadium in Frisco. The team’s popularity is growing, boasting attendance of 11,000 to 15,000 at home games.

    On a larger scale, soccer is the world’s most popular sport, garnering hundreds of thousands of fans in stadiums across Europe, South and Central America.

    But at TCU, only women can participate in the sport on a varsity level.

    The recent announcement of a new women’s equestrian team puts TCU in a position to add more men’s sports without violating Title IX requirements. The university could jump ahead by being one of the only major universities in Texas with men’s soccer.

    Imagine what this could do for diversity.

    On the women’s team, four out of the 23 members are international students. Given the sport’s worldwide popularity, the addition of an adequately funded men’s team would only make TCU more attractive to international students who not only want a world-class education but also want to engage in their favorite pastime.

    A men’s team could affect other sports as well. Nick Browne, Frog football’s award-winning kicker who graduated in 2003, also played soccer for TCU. And, in light of the football team’s lackluster kicking statistics this season, another Browne wouldn’t be a bad addition.

    Brian Wooddell for the Editorial Board