Vote for the governor; get your voice heard


    Attention! Attention! All registered Texas voters! It is time to go to the polls and vote. The gubernatorial election is upon us, and it is time to choose a candidate. If you haven’t heard, Texas has five candidates for governor. That’s right, five candidates.

    So, who is running? If you missed the debate, I’ll give you a lively recap. When I watched the debate between the incumbent Rick Perry, Kinky Friedman, Carole Strayhorn and Chris Bell, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Because of the comedic Kinky Friedman’s blatant disregard for political correctness and contempt for the Internet, he seemed like a product of the dark ages. If you want a cave man for governor who thinks the Internet is the devil, he’s your man.

    “One tough Grandma” Carole Strayhorn disappointed me at every turn by evading questions. Instead, she responded with slogans such as “I’m going to shake Austin up!” When she was asked about her flip-flopping past among Republican, Democrat and Independent parties, she answered with a catchphrase.

    Rick Perry did a masterful job using his political record to answer questions. But, when pressed about the underhanded dealings with the Trans-Texas Corridor, a proposed multiuse, statewide network of transportation routes, he shimmied out of that jam faster than Michael Jackson in a sexual assault trial.

    Sadly, Libertarian candidate James Werner was not involved in the debate. Considering the event looked more like a circus than a debate, he probably didn’t miss out on much. Regardless, don’t forget about Werner.

    I personally endorse Chris Bell for governor. If you think there should be a limit on college tuition increases, he’s your man. And if you think standardized testing in public schools is merely teaching to test, then vote Chris Bell for governor.

    A week ago, when Bell came to speak on campus, I had the pleasure of meeting him in person. The students asked him some hard questions. Miraculously, he answered every question without wiggling out of the issue. I was impressed with his direct manner.

    But really, it does not matter if you vote for Chris Bell or Kinky Friedman. Get out there and vote.

    This is your chance to make a huge difference in thousands of lives.

    What’s stopping you?

    Rosalind Hunt is a senior political science and English major from Austin.