Walking to class is healthy, feasible parking solution


    A common mantra heard from TCU students when asked why they chose their school is the campus’s tight-knit feel.

    Take a stroll across Texas A&M or Texas Tech’s campus, and the walk from Worth Hills to Tandy Hall seems like a piece of cake.

    When on-campus parking spaces dwindled further this semester, assistant professor of mathematics Loren Spice probably would tell students living close to campus to just start walking and stop fighting the parking situation and leave those spots for the real commuters — Spice walks his daily commute, rain or shine, seven miles round-trip.

    Many off-campus students commute by car one-quarter of the distance of Spice’s commute. There likely wouldn’t be parking issues on campus if students who could feasibly walk or bike to class would make the trek to campus by foot or by bike.

    Take a page out of Spice’s life lecture notes: save the hassle of driving to class, if feasible, and ease the parking situation. The exercise likely won’t hurt freshmen moving off campus who are trying to lose their added 15, either.

    Sports editor Ryne Sulier for the editorial board.