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    How are we supposed to save money on gas when the city deprives us of the most basic alternatives?The lack of sidewalks and bike lanes along the streets of Fort Worth is appalling. Bike lanes simply do not exist in this city. As I travel down South Hulen, I notice the sporadic placing of sidewalks – they exist in front of Compass Bank but stop at the end of its property.

    This is a pattern throughout the southwest portion of the city.

    As I drive to the Department of Public Safety, I pass through a neighborhood with an elementary and a high school. Drivers must slow to 20 mph, but what good does that do when children are forced to walk on the street anyway?

    We have perfectly manicured lawns, beautifully maintained roads and absolutely no accommodations for bikers or walkers. I would love to ride my bicycle, but I truly fear the fate of being flattened by a distracted driver more than I fear polluting the environment with fumes from my car.

    Let’s invest in our future Fort Worth and make our streets more friendly to motorless transportation.

    Alicia Graber, English major