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    I stand my ground as another TCU student in favor of a non-Greek way of life. I have nothing against any particular sorority group, I simply value other organizations and my academics over a forced sense of “sisterhood.” I pity the fact that a majority of students at this school view going Greek as the only means to a social life. Greeks may seem prevalent on campus, but in reality, only 40 percent actually pledge. Students have the skewed perception that TCU is mainly Greek, causing certain others to believe that non-Greeks have nothing to do on campus. I find these statements terribly wrong and egotistical. Surprisingly to some, I am a proud non-Greek who finds myself overwhelmed by school, extracurricular activities, work and friends. Not only am I busy, but I also have a lot of fun while doing it. I came to TCU for many reasons other than its Greek life. Truthfully, I never knew about Greek life until after admission. For me, it hasn’t changed. Maybe I found my niche early, and there are still others less fortunate seeking ways to “survive” a non-Greek route. I hope that other non-Greeks don’t become discouraged, and both populations of students at this school realize that TCU is more than one of the “Top 10” universities for Greek life. We must remember that it is a privilege to attend this school because of its academics, not because of a Greek image.Jennifer Pippin, sophomore international communication major