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    I know that, as women, we are described as the fairer sex, but we have come a long way to be accepted in an equal light with our male counterparts. So I was surprised to learn that some women on this campus were against the idea of a female Froggie-Five-O. What can she do for us, some asked. It’s like walking with a buddy, or I would rather have a man, said others. Wait! Did we just step back in time? Because the last time I looked it was 2005. As a woman today, I have come to learn how to defend myself, but there are those times when an extra person is nice to have whether it’s male or female. To those people who ask what can she do? That’s simple. She can radio for help, deflect a predator from hurting you because it’s harder to attack two people, and help the office with an investigation if needed. For those who think a man is better, these male Froggie-Five-O drivers are not Arnold Schwarzenegger. I applaud Sara Kinney. I believe she will do an excellent job. To the small-minded people: WAKE UP, it’s 2005!Ashlee Manahan, sophomore international communication major